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Understanding data using graphs, maps and pictures has been there in industry. In current scenario being able to visualize the data is important to support insight and analysis of the key business factors more directly. The patterns, correlations and trends might go undetected in text data but can be clearly detailed and recognize easier with data visualization. Data visualization design change the way we interact with data.


we will find the best practice recommendations to select chart

Data visualization helps to promote creative data exploration; at Skyward software & solutions you will find the best practice recommendations to select which type of chart will get the solutions you seek.

Bar charts are best for representing numerical data, especially when comparing data across categories. It splits to multiple categories, so you can quickly view trends, different color to bars for more impact about the information provides immediate insight and to display related data stacked bars or side -by-side bars.

We suggest scatter plot when our clients desire to dig deeper into data to investigate the relationship between different variables by adding trend line or by incorporating filters or by use informative mark types so that the story behind data can be enhanced with a relevant shape.

Tree maps are nested within other rectangles, tree map displays hierarchical data proportion to the whole. Coloring the rectangles and combining tree maps with bar charts helps to understand hierarchical structure and their relationships within each other.

Gantt charts are recommended by us when judgment is required to plan and track a project. Gantt chart displays resources or tasks in time frame with a definite beginning and ending.

Heat maps are an effective way to represent big data visualization. We use this powerful tool to make sense of complex data. With user defined color ranges that make the data much easier to comprehend heat map presents data in tabular format. Through data visualization design we at skyward identify areas that need attention, we help our client to clarify which factors influence customer behavior, help them to predict sales volumes and in taking decision which products to place where.

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